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First row right on the water - it couldn't be more relaxing!

Are you looking for your favorite place by the water?

With your motorhome you are right on the water, right in the middle of the city of Barth.

Whether for just one night or as a “base”, our VINETA CARAVANING area with up to 70 freely selectable parking spaces has everything you need for the necessary infrastructure for a camper crew. A necessary advance reservation is not necessary or wanted. Just come along and choose the space YOU want - we leave the fixed requirements for space usage and their limitations to others.

You should still be able to camp properly here - of course with respectful and fair treatment of your neighbors. In addition to free electricity, WiFi and wastewater disposal, you can use our wash house with very spacious sanitary cabins and high-quality equipment. Of course, we hope that you will take care of it as if it were your own - the next person will thank you because they also want a nice and clean shower. Washing machines and dryers are available for your holiday laundry. Of course, a fresh water supply for your motorhome can be used on site via a chip card system.

Dogs will be happy to see us

You can stretch your legs in this meadow, but please always think about disposal - the two-legged friends also use these areas and the time for treadmills is over.

In addition to fresh rolls and coffee in the morning, our Klön-Snack (Check In) will also be able to offer you offers during the day for a little hunger in between - our new beach chairs invite you to linger and relax. Of course, the local “run-in beer” should not be missed in the evening.

As a complete yacht outfitter, we have a lot in our shop that will delight the camper. In addition to gas bottles, rope, fishing equipment, dishes and clothing, we also offer other options to meet your needs for souvenirs and other accessories. Just come in and browse around.

In “bad” weather, which according to the locals does not happen, our own Windjammer Museum invites you to linger with one of the world's largest exhibitions of captain's pictures and dioramas from a private collection, so that there is no chance of boredom! Anyone who feels like having coffee and delicious cake in the afternoon is always in good hands there - perhaps if you ask, our Mr. Koppehele, as a museum curator and absolute specialist on the time of the windjammers, will also be able to chat with a historical anecdote - it never hurts to ask!

The city harbor and the city center can also be reached within less than 5 minutes on foot, so that a short cultural and/or shopping trip here will bring you the relaxation and hopefully joy you want during your holiday in Barth and will make you a repeat offender.

If you are even looking to store your “sweetheart” in the winter, don’t hesitate to contact us – you could bring your motorhome or caravan to us in our outdoor areas or in more than 3 cold and warm halls with over 7,000m² Protect yourself from wind and weather so that you could happily continue your tour from here in the spring.



Price list for motorhome & caravan 2024

open from 13 April - 31 October 2024 (access subject to weather conditions)

NO pre-reservation possible - free choice of stand !

Check In:

- Tu. - Su.: from 9 am inside Blockhouse "Klön-Snack" (see 7)

+49 176 43334300

- Mo: from 9 am inside shop Yachtservice

Check Out: not later than 6 pm


All prices are per night including electricity, Wi-Fi, disposal of faeces and grey water, waste disposal, use of toilets.

Motorhome / caravan up to 6 meters

22,00 € 

Motorhome / caravan up to 8 meters

27,50 €

Motorhome / caravan up to 10 meters

33,00 €

Motorhome / caravan from 10 meters

65,00 €



17,50 €


Passenger car / quad bike

5,00 €


5,00 €

Ancillary services

Shower 3 minutes

1,75 €

Washer / Dryer

5,00 €

50 litres of drinking water

0,70 €

All of the above prices are valid from 01.01.2024 until the publication of a new price list and are inclusive of the statutory VAT. There is no entitlement to a parking space. The terms and conditions of the house rules of Barther Yacht–Service GmbH apply. Errors excepted.

Visitor's tax 2024

According to the municipal registration law of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany and the statement of the district administration of the City of Barth, all foreign guests of the City of Barth are obliged to redeem a corresponding guest card per individual day (not per night). Children under the age of 18 are exempt from this. This statement on the Visitors's Tax is a legally non-binding assistance. Changes are possible at any time without prior notice.

All year arround

per day

1,70 €

An annual tourist tax is avaiable for € 51.00.

Please purchase them on your own at the Barth Tourist Information Office at the Vineta Bürgerhaus (Papenstrasse 8, Tel: +49 (0)38231-37400, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or at one of the vending machines set up in the City of Barth.


Motorhome Parking Regulations 2024


We strive to make the time you spend on our motorhome pitches as pleasant as possible. In the interest of all camper guests and a smooth stay on our site, we ask you to observe the following rules:

  • When you arrive, please first register at the reception in the small log cabin "Klönsnack", alternatively at the shop of the Barther Yachtservice, Hafenstrasse 28, 18356 Barth . This also applies to visitors, whether you want to spend the night on the camper pitch or not. Young people up to the age of 18 must present the written consent of their legal guardians at the time of registration.
  • The motorhomes are set up on the pitch allocated by the camper pitch operator; there is no entitlement to a specific floor space. The use of camping facilities and accessories is limited to this pitch. If there are any obstructions or impairments at the assigned pitch or if these arise subsequently, we ask you to report this immediately to the reception. If possible, in the event of commendable disabilities or impairments, a new parking space will be allocated, but no fee reduction will be provided.
  • The prescribed distances of at least 3 m from the neighbouring square must be maintained. No awnings (additional tents) or the like may be set up in these clearance areas. The erection of tents of any kind or the parking of caravans may only be done after consultation with the groundskeeper and his explicit permission. The instructions of the staff of the camper pitch must be followed immediately.
  • The camper guest pays applicable usage fees according to the current valid schedule of charges. The current schedule of fees is available for inspection at the reception and/or on the Internet under barther-yacht-service.de .
  • Guests are only allowed to use the power outlets with outdoor approved equipment.
  • It is not allowed to dig ditches on the camper pitch or to enclose the pitches. Please make sure that no one is endangered by stakes, cords and similar camping accessories. Poorly identifiable sources of danger should be marked with clearly visible markings.
  • The pitch is available to the camper guest from 08:00 a.m. on the day of arrival, subject to availability. Arrival or departure is only possible within the framework of the usual local opening hours. These can vary depending on the pre-season, peak or low season. The rented pitch must be vacated by 4 p.m. on the day of departure.
  • Driving vehicles of any kind is only permitted on the designated roads at walking pace (max. 5 km/h). In all other respects, the StVO applies. Errands or leisure trips with motorized vehicles of any kind within the camper pitch, the adjoining marina and other operating areas owned by GTGV are not permitted.
  • Entering and driving on the entire site of the camper pitch, the adjoining marina and other operating areas owned by GTGV is at your own risk. In winter, in case of snowfall and frost, in bad weather, etc., please see for yourself whether the weather conditions allow you to drive on or walk on the traffic routes. The trails cannot be kept free of ice and snow in every case and at all times. The camper pitch operator does not assume any obligation to clear the site.
  • The COURSE SILENCE in the time from 21:00 to 08:00 o'clock must be observed at all times. During this time, there is an absolute driving ban and the gate of the camper pitch is closed, the camper pitch operator can close the place. When operating radios, televisions, loudspeakers, etc., as well as during conversations and conversations, tent volume must not be exceeded. Even during the day, noise disturbing the peace is to be avoided as a matter of principle. Anyone who grossly violates these regulations must expect immediate expulsion.
  • Tidiness and cleanliness are just as important to you as we are. Therefore, we ask you to treat the premises as well as all facilities and facilities with care and to keep them clean. Children up to the age of 10 can only use the sanitary facilities if accompanied by an adult. It is not allowed to tear or cut twigs and branches from the hedges or trees.
  • Washing clothes and washing dishes is expressly prohibited in the toilet and shower cubicles of the sanitary facilities. Please use the washing areas, washing machines and dryers provided for this purpose. The washing of the motorhomes and/or other objects is expressly not allowed on the camper pitch.
  • The drinking water and sewage points may only be used for the withdrawal of drinking water and for the emptying of waste water containers. Kitchen and food scraps may not be disposed of at the water points, the entire site and/or in the port.
  • Due to the unpleasant odours and hygiene, residual waste may only be disposed of in knotted garbage bags in the residual waste containers provided for this purpose. Waste of all kinds belongs exclusively in the designated garbage cans and containers.
  • The camper pitch is a camper pitch located directly in a marina with access to public and private waters. For this reason, any interference with the natural nature of the camper pitch is strictly prohibited. It is explicitly prohibited and under threat of high fines to contaminate water or land and/or to dispose of sewage/oils/rubbish/rubbish without authorisation.
  • Open fires are prohibited on the entire site.
  • Swimming in the harbour area is expressly prohibited and STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Barbecues are possible on your own pitch as well as a place assigned by the camper pitch operator, subject to reservation. Only the operation of a gas or electric barbecue with a ground clearance of approx. 40 cm is permitted, taking into account fire protection and avoidable nuisance to other guests, and must be supervised at all times. Disposable barbecues and/or charcoal or other open fire barbecues are expressly prohibited on the camper pitch under severe penalty. The griller assumes full liability for any damage that occurs. However, if there is a danger, e.g. due to wind, drought or the like, the camper pitch can issue a ban.
  • Parents are always responsible for supervising their own and/or host children and are liable for any damage caused by the children.
  • Dogs are only allowed on a short leash on the camper pitch and are only allowed if the animal does not pose any danger or unacceptable disturbance. Any leftovers of the dogs must be removed immediately. Care must be taken not to urinate on camping vehicles or other third-party items. The dog owner is liable for any damage caused. Other animals are allowed on the camper pitch only with the prior consent of the camper pitch operator.
  • The camper pitch operator exercises domiciliary rights through its employees and authorised persons. This entitles you to refuse to accept people (even if you have previously registered) or to expel them from the site in the event of gross or persistent disruptive behaviour or a violation of the camper pitch regulations. The person concerned must leave the camper pitch immediately and may only re-enter it to the extent necessary to dismantle their own camper equipment. The dismantling must take place immediately in compliance with the camper pitch regulations. A camper pitch ban is valid for the entire season, but at least for a period of 6 months. There will be no refund of the fees already paid. The instructions of the entire staff of the camper pitch must be followed on the entire camper pitch as well as the adjoining marina and other operating areas owned by GTGV , including parking space, garbage disposal area, etc.
  • The electrical installations connected by the camper have the valid. DINA/DE regulations and must be checked by the customer at its own expense. The initial inspection must be carried out immediately after connection. The camper pitch operator must be provided with appropriate evidence upon request.
  • The gas systems and gas heaters in the campers must comply with the legal provisions and the guidelines of the DVGW - G 607 and must be regularly serviced by the camper. The camper pitch operator must be provided with appropriate evidence upon request. The camper is liable for the damage caused by the gas installations belonging to him.
  • The camper site operator must be granted access to the electricity and water meters at all times during the day, as well as to the connections to check compliance with the aforementioned provisions. If violations or even manipulation are detected, the camper must pay an immediately due contractual penalty of € 250.00 for each individual case. The camper can prove that no or less damage has occurred, the camper pitch operator can claim a higher damage. The right of the camper pitch operator to terminate the contract without notice for good cause remains unaffected.
  • The exercise of a trade on or from the camper pitch and displays on the site require the written permission of the camper pitch operator.
  • Photo and/or video recordings: Due to the general security requirements (for the protection of property, protection of domiciliary rights, prevention of other criminal offences, investigation of damages/accidents, avoidance of theft, harassment or vandalism damage §4 BDSG new version as well as Art. 6 para. 1 lit. II GDPR) for the operation of our shipyard and marina and/or could be used on parts and/or the entire premises of GTGV,  which also includes the camper pitch, permanent photo and film recordings are carried out and cached. As a result, it may happen that the personal rights of the camper guest could possibly be impaired or violated. However, by concluding the camper pitch contract, the camper guest waives his individual rights, or explicitly agrees to the use and temporary storage of the data. Appropriate signs for video surveillance are posted on the premises at important locations in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.
  • The pitch must be completely put in order by the guest before departure.
  • The camper parking space provider Barther Yacht Service GmbH, Hafenstrasse 28, 18356 Barth, as the authorized representative of the property owner and camper parking space operator of Gondwana Trade Grundstück- und Verwaltung GmbH & Co. KG (GTGV), An der Lohe 1, 22962 Siek, is the camper parking space operator within the meaning of the camper parking regulations.
  • These camper pitch regulations are valid from the date of execution until further notice. Changes are possible at any time without notice. It applies to the entire camping area managed by the camper pitch operator, the adjoining marina and other operating areas owned by GTGV , including all buildings and facilities located thereon.

Our entire VINETA-CARAVANING team wishes you a pleasant and relaxing stay.

Barth, April 2024

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